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If you are feeling overwhelmed with bills and debt collectors calling and harassing you everyday, you might be at a point where filing for bankruptcy has crossed your mind. We can help you through this process to relieve your worries and stress in order to reclaim your financial life again. Attorney Jim Hayes and his staff are committed to finding a solution to your troubles.

Our office is experienced and well versed on informing you of your rights when it comes to filing for bankruptcy. Because all bankruptcy cases are handled at Federal level, you must be on top of all the regulations and guidelines to be in compliance regarding your case. This is where Attorney Hayes and his team can help you sort through all the pertinent information.

We understand life happens and that bankruptcy is a last resort to finding the light at the end of the tunnel. All of your personal and case information will remain confidential at all times. When you work with us, you won’t feel alone; we are very compassionate and considerate to all who walk through our doors. When you rest your head at night, you can be assured Attorney Hayes and his team are diligently working to be the voice you need in court.

Put your confidence and trust in us, let us represent you to the Federal Courts to deliver the best resolution for your situation. We look forward to getting you back on track to happiness and enjoyment of life!

Areas of Bankruptcy Expertise:

  • Chapter 7 – Liquidation
  • Chapter 11 – Reorganization
  • Chapter 12 – Family Farmer or Family Fisherman
  • Chapter 13 – Individual Debt Adjustment 

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