Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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When you’re faced with indebtedness and can’t see the light of day, it might be time to consider filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You can find relief and be worry free knowing you will be able to regain your financial bearings over the next several years.

Before you are able to file for any Chapter, you will need to complete financial counseling in order to satisfy one of the courts requirements. Additionally, there are other qualifying factors that you will need to comply with in order for the filing of Chapter 7 to continue.

It’s imperative to have complete and thorough information with all the details so the courts know you are being truthful and forthcoming. This also shows you are taking ownership of the situation and want to resolve the matter at hand. Attorney Hayes and our staff will maintain your utmost confidence at all times with any information shared with us.

Filing Chapter 7

  • Start Fresh Financially
  • Regain Your Freedom
  • Resolve Outstanding Debt
  • Fairly Quick and Straightforward Process
  • Most Common for Individuals and Small Businesses

Stop the threats and phone calls! We can help you quickly figure out the best solution for your situation. Call us today to arrange a personal appointment.

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