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Medicaid is a state and federally funded program designed to help individuals with lower income receive medical coverage. In order to determine your eligibility status the state will review your income level, assets, age (generally 65 or older), whether your disabled, or an expectant mother. Typically, your income and assets should amount to a lower amount in order to qualify, however, each circumstance is different and will be examined for determination.

Attorney Hayes will be able to assist you with any questions and paperwork regarding Medicaid planning. If you are among those with higher income but meet other portions of the Medicaid requirements you should consider working with us so you don’t possibly loose more time and money. Also, if you have assets or money you would like to leave for your children after you pass away, we definitely advise a meeting with us to see how we can file your Medicaid claim accordingly.

It’s imperative to complete the forms accurately the first time while providing the supporting documentation to start the process. If any discrepancies are found or you missed a portion of the forms, you could end up loosing thousands of dollars and all of your assets.

Our staff is prepared and current with the Medicaid planning processes here in Michigan and we know how to help you through this transition phase.

Medicaid Assistance:

  • Explain how the process works
  • Assist with the appropriate documentation
  • Follow the guidelines and procedures for accurate filing
  • If you were denied, we can help you through the appeals process

Medicaid planning is never an easy topic to discuss and it can also be quite overwhelming if you have other issues coinciding at the time. Attorney Hayes will be a confidant with whom you know you can count on. Don’t be left feeling confused and stressed about filing the paperwork for Medicaid call or stop by our office today.

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