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A majority of all Americans who work have a portion of their paycheck deducted for Medicare. So, what is Medicare anyways? Medicare is a health insurance plan that will cover your medical bills, prescriptions and doctor’s visits once you reach 65 years of age. Much like at work, you will be charged monthly premiums, co-pays and other out-of-pocket expenses associated with health care.

It’s important to understand that signing up for Medicare is available only at certain times throughout the year without incurring a late or penalty fee and/or delayed coverage. There is a window before and after you turn 65 to enroll in a Medicare plan. Additionally, if you were covered by your spouse’s health insurance and they leave that position, you have a few months to be signed up for Medicare as well.

Another item to discuss is the various plans and options to choose from. This is where the confusion may start to set in. With the ever-changing economy and healthcare insurance policies, Medicare goes through changes too. Attorney Hayes can sit down with you to discuss all the relevant information with you and explain the differences between policies if you’re unsure. We will also be your voice when you need one to appeal certain decisions if Medicare chooses not to cover certain procedures or other medical care.

We have worked with individuals who have been denied certain Medicare benefits for one reason or another. And we can help you through your appeals process too. By working with us, we will advise you of your rights and what avenues you can take in order reverse their initial decision.

Medicare Assistance:

  • Sign-up periods – limited time frame
  • Benefits available upon 65th Birthday
  • Assist in appealing a denied claim
  • Keep you informed of any policy changes
  • Explain the differences between policies
  • Guide you through filing the appropriate paperwork

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