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When you or a loved one have to be in a nursing home for around-the-clock care, it’s important that you feel safe and secure in your surroundings. If you aren’t receiving the proper care you need, sickness, injuries, open wounds and other ailments could be the result. This is when you need to contact our office at James Hayes IV Attorney at Law. We will be the voice to help you or a loved one be treated the way you deserve.

Just because you’re in a nursing home doesn’t mean your rights have been taken away from you. We understand nursing home issues can be very heartbreaking and stressful for all involved. It’s pertinent to be as actively involved with your loved one and the staff within the nursing home facility so you are aware of any mistreatment, lack of attention or other forms of abuse that could happen.

Our team has worked with many families throughout the years involving nursing home issues. We know how the system works and are very familiar with how the residents should be treated. If you are noticing signs of mistreatment, careless behavior from the staff, poor living conditions, lack of medications or any other issues that are affecting your loved one, address this matter immediately with management. If they don’t take your concerns seriously, call and talk with us.

No one should be neglected, mistreated or abused in any phase of their life. We will defend your loved one and make certain all of their rights and needs are being met.

Nursing Home Issues:

  • Mistreatment
  • Carelessness
  • Undernourishment
  • Oversight of Medications
  • Healthful Living Conditions
  • Extreme Weight Loss

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