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A majority of people have an estate regardless of whether they own their home or rent. All of your tangible and even some of your intangible items encompass your estate; such as your vehicles, furnishings, your house, other properties, you bank accounts, investments, trusts, special needs trusts, all of your personal belongings, and even your life insurance policy.

When you come to Attorney Hayes for your estate planning, we will ask you a variety of questions in great depth. In answering these questions thoroughly and as completely as possible will ensure everything you cherish and value will go to your delegated beneficiaries upon your inability to work or passing.

In essence, estate planning goes hand in hand with wills and probate. All of these activities will be reviewed by the state courts and distributed accordingly should you pass away. If you have small children or a loved one with special needs you would like to have live with a guardian or family member, or particular items you would like to see go to specific people, now is the time to list these requests throughout your estate planning process.

Did you know…

  • We work with Trusts and Special Needs Trusts
  • We can draw up all the necessary documents for your estate planning
  • Tangible and some intangible items are considered your estate
  • Estate planning is not just for the older generations or the wealthy
  • You don’t have to own a home in order to have an estate
  • Your estate that will go to the public if you don’t delegate beneficiaries

While the state will reach out to your immediate family upon your death if you do not have any beneficiaries listed on your estate plan, it is wise to make sure everything is in order so your loved ones won’t be left sorting through the legal paperwork on top of grieving. Don’t let age, level of income or forgetfulness get in the way of delaying your estate planning. By working with us, you will know whom your family will be dealing with and that your wishes will be carried out.

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