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Unfortunately, foreclosures are happening nationwide and hitting Michigan homeowners just as hard. When you cannot afford to make your monthly mortgage and start missing your scheduled payments, your lender will be quick to take action in the form of filing foreclosure. It’s important to keep all lines of communication open with your lender to show them you are being honest and sincere.

There are other ways to deal with the threat of foreclosures if you face the problem head on. By contacting your lender ahead of time and providing them with all the information they request, you could very well be able to settle with a more manageable payment. In addition, there are other organizations able to provide you with mortgage counseling that would benefit you and your lender.

If you have received letters and documentation stating your lender has moved forward with the foreclosure process, come see us at James Hayes IV Attorney at Law. Once the lenders have stopped wanting to communicate with you, it’s time to let us step up and be your voice. Life happens; everyone has struggles and obstacles they must overcome. It’s our job to explain your story and help find a solution that will benefit all parties involved.

Additionally, be weary of letters from companies claiming they can help lower your monthly payments by a substantial amount. These companies could be trying to scam you out of more money while ignoring your mortgage payments, thus putting you further into debt. We can help sort through the paperwork and fees to find a reasonable answer to all your questions and concerns. When you choose to work with us, you know you will have an honest and hardworking team to support you through the process of dealing with foreclosures.


  • Communicate with your lender or let us do it for you
  • Provide all required documents requested of you
  • We will help you determine when letters are authentic and legitimate
  • Complete confidentiality and trust

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