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You’ve graduated and feel GREAT! Congratulations, you made it! Now it’s time to find the perfect job and start paying back the student loans that afforded you to go to school to begin with. However, there’s one major dilemma here…you’re having a difficult time finding a decent paying job. How are you ever going to manage your daily and monthly living expenses on top of repaying your student loans?

This is a very common problem amongst recent graduates that can either spiral out of control or it can be managed by simply speaking with your lenders and explaining your situation. Before you go into default on your loans, come and meet with Attorney Hayes to find out what your repayment options are for the particular student loan you took out.

With there being so many different loan types available, it’s very time consuming and can be overwhelming to research all the repayment plans out there. You might qualify for a student loan relief program that will only require you to pay according to how much you make annually. If your take home income is less than or at poverty level, you may even qualify for $0 payments. As long as you maintain your payments for the agreed upon time frame, whatever amount after that period is owed will be excused and considered paid in full.

Student Loan Relief:

  • Payments based on your annual income
  • Payments based on the type of job you select
  • We can inform you of your legal rights
  • Determine eligibility for repayment requirements
  • Help select the best payback option for your lifestyle

There are requirements for each student loan relief plan that need to be carefully examined and considered. You will be surprised what options are available to you. We’re happy to walk you through the different plans and advise you of your legal rights. Our certified and trained professionals want to help make your graduation transition from college smooth by keeping you informed.

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