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Home ownership comes with a variety of benefits; however, owning a home also comes with the financial obligation to pay property taxes on an annual basis. There are a number of reasons why a homeowner can fall behind on paying property taxes, and in severe instances a prolonged delinquency can cause your home to be placed into property tax foreclosure by the state so it can be sold to recoup the unpaid taxes.

If your home does enter property tax foreclosure due to delinquency, everything is not lost. James Hayes will fight to help you keep your home, and work out a payment schedule with the state to address your delinquent tax obligation.

The process begins with a free consultation, at which time we will review your finances and discuss:

  • Strategies to immediately resolve your property tax foreclosure and stop any pending legal action
  • Review and discuss your overall income and outstanding debt
  • Discuss your long-term financial goals
  • Develop recommended next steps for long term debt resolution

 Chapter 13 Reorganization Plan

A key strategy we often implement is filing a Chapter 13 reorganization plan. This plan:

  • Prioritizes and consolidates your debts
  • Reduces your debt and interest rates
  • Provides you with legal protection from your creditors and their actions
  • Improves your credit rating
  • Creates a manageable and balanced budget going forward

Property tax foreclosure is a serious legal process that must be handled quickly and efficiently to avoid a total loss of property rights. James Hayes strives to help clients achieve the best possible outcome in these situations. Contact our office today.

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