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Whether it’s a personal or business discord based around a recent audit with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), you may be in search of a lawyer well versed in tax law. Attorney Jim Hayes is ready to take on your case, be it professionally or personally. He knows his way around the legal realm in order to help you sort through any discrepancies found.

James Hayes IV Attorney at Law will be able to professionally represent you throughout all correspondence matters with the IRS. If you’re being charged with a tax crime or have encountered problems during the auditing process, we will be present at your hearing or audit meeting to ensure you will not be paying back more money than you should. By hiring us, you are showing the IRS you understand the severity of this matter and that you are taking responsibility for your part in question.

We Can Help You With:

  • Personal or Professional tax troubles
  • Being your voice to the IRS regarding your issue
  • Standing by your side during any court hearings
  • Preparing and explaining all legal binding tax documents

We are also available for consultation for preventative measures regarding tax law as well. If you know you will be dealing with estate taxes and are uncertain of what steps to take, we can guide you through the processes to make certain you are paying only what you need to in taxes. Additionally, if you have a business and want to make sure you are in the green with the IRS before tax season is upon us, we will discuss all your options as well.

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