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Wills and probate go hand in hand and are usually implemented after you pass away. Your will tells the courts what you would like done with your assets. While probate is the process in which the state courts will validate the legality of your will, make sure all debts are paid off, and that your remaining assets are divided according to your will.

Wills are going to go through probate one way or another. Probate court is the only way to legally handle all of the transferring of assets out of your name and into your family members or other beneficiaries. If you do not have any beneficiaries, the courts will appoint your family with one, which could result in higher court fees and longer time in court.

By having a will drafted up and finalized you can rest easier knowing your final wishes have been expressed in the most legal way possible. There will be no questions about what happens to your children, property and other important assets when you pass on. You should feel good knowing that your family will be taken care of during a very difficult time.

Things to List in Your Will:

  • List all your beneficiaries and other persons by name with whom you want to leave specific items with
  • List all the property and buildings you own
  • List an executor – person delegating your personal belongings and other assets
  • Burial or Cremation requests

There are many things to consider and remember when dealing with wills and probate. That’s why you should leave all the drafting of paperwork and legality issues with our law team. Put your confidence in us; we will ensure all the specific details are clearly defined per your wishes.

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